About Us

FOLILED is a dynamic company that offers complete solutions for innovative and quality lighting using modern LED technology. When it comes to lighting we understand and recognise that new technology and ideas go hand in hand and with our experience we are able to give a complete lighting solution to any projects however big or small.


The company was founded in 2014 following extensive research of the lighting market. Since then we have developed high-quality products with an emphasis on linear and downlight fittings. Our products cover a large range from residential to industrial projects and from indoor to outdoor spaces. We have multiple product choices to fulfil our customer’s needs and expectations. Being a UK based company FOLILED specialises in both contemporary and traditional work, there is no limit to our lighting solutions.


We insist on quality and innovation from the initial concepts to development, from production to installation, from sales to support in order to ensure our clients receive the best experience and results.


We work with our customers and partners continuously on developing the future of light. The goal of providing the best light for you and the environment is one that we take seriously. Our products are effective and eco-friendly, they help to reduce the carbon footprint and your every day running costs.  Our knowledge and attention to detail are one we pride ourselves on and you can most certainly rely on us to design and build whatever you’ve envisioned, we will make your project come alive.